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Beating Winter December 8, 2008

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winter-walk1I’ve seen a lot of people move into winter climates, miserable because they don’t know how to dress.  The secret to winter, however, is that the more you get outside and move around, the more fun it is

Tips for Staying Warm Outdoors

1.  Wear 100 percent wool, if you can.  Wear a 100 percent cotton t-shirt underneath.  It keeps the wool from feeling scratchy and the fabric breathes.  I never go out without a wool turtleneck.  I have to have my neck covered or I freeze.  A scarf alone is not enough.

2. Bundle up! Yes, wear a full-length coat.  Wear a hat.  Wear warm gloves and boots!

3. Choose coat fabrics with care. For recreation, I wear a Columbia shell with a zip-in polar fleece lining.  The shell is wind resistant and if not waterproof, it’s close.  For work or when more formal, I wear a long wool coat.

4.  Gloves: Suede or leather makes it easier to grip a steering wheel.  I like mine with a fairly loose fit.  Otherwise, I lose circulation in my fingers.

5.  Footwear: boots should have treads, deep treads, to help keep from slipping on snow and ice.  Boots are better with a little room, too. Take care that your socks aren’t too bulky for the boot! Non-suede are much easier to care for and last a lot longer.

6. Face: yes, cover your face if it’s in the teens or below, or if it’s windy.  It makes all the difference.

Just a few minutes outdoors can boost your energy.  You don’t have to go out for a whole day, or even an hour.  Just go out for as long as you can.  It’s all too easy to stay inside but once outdoors, people seem to feel so good!  Their cheeks get rosy, they start smiling.  It’s not just fresh air, it’s Vitamin D from the sunshine.  It’s the way the world has been transformed by wintery white, and there’s nothing like warming up with a cup of hot cocoa afterward!


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