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Coffee, Cola, Tea or Red Bull? December 8, 2008

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I love coffee.  I’ve loved the taste of it since I was a child.  I love the taste of coffee ice cream.  It’s my caffeine weapon of choice.  I start my day with a pot that holds 32 ounces.  I don’t always finish the pot.  Sometimes I get half-way through it and I don’t need or want more.  On other days, I finish the pot.

Once I’m done, however, I’m done.  If I keep drinking coffee I just feel dehydrated.  I’ve learned to switch to water for the rest of the day.  If it’s cold outside, or if I’m at work, sure, I keep a cup of coffee at my desk.  But I hardly ever finish it.

There are days when I need a little pick-me-up in the afternoon.  Sometimes I’ll have tea. Most of the time, my body tells me that it’s had its fix of caffeine and I end up with herbal tea instead.

Cola leaves me feeling as if I’ve been hit by a truck.  It stays in my system for at least two days.  The second day feels like a caffeine hangover.  It makes me jumpy and irritable and for that reason I avoid it.  Sometimes, it’s the only thing that makes sense to order at a restaurant.  I’ll have one, but I usually don’t finish it.  I always drink it along side a glass of water.  Without water, I do feel dehydrated and sluggish, in spite of the caffeine.  I drink diet coke.  Regular is too sugary for me.  Not the taste, but the way it makes me feel afterward.

Red Bull? I never drink it.  I think I tried it once and the result was that not only did I get the same caffeine hangover that I get from cola but I got it more quickly and it lasted longer.

Here’s a link to info on caffeine.



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