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Steel Cut Oatmeal December 8, 2008

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This morning, I made a batch of steel cut oatmeal.  I like to add a little margerine on top, with brown sugar, cinnamon, dried blueberries or cranberries, walnuts and pecans.

Why it’s easy:

1. Leftovers keep well. Just pop the oatmeal into the fridge, by itself, no milk, sugar or the rest.  Keep it covered in an airtight container.  I use Glad or Ziploc plastic containers.  (And then wash them out and re-use them!)

2.  Easy reheat: scoop however much you want into a microwave safe bowl, add milk and heat for about 20-30 seconds (depending on how quickly your microwave heats).

3.  It’s flexible: switch pecans for walnuts, add freshly cut apples or bananas, or try different kinds of dried fruit; raisins, cherries….Trader Joe’s has lots of interesting types, even hibiscus flowers.  (yes, they’re good!)

Tip: keep walnuts and other nuts in the freezer.  I keep mine right in the door so that they’re handy and easy to reach.  Freezing keeps them from spoiling too quickly.  The best prices I’ve ever seen on nuts is at Trader Joe’s.


One Response to “Steel Cut Oatmeal”

  1. robyn Says:

    Wow! This takes me back to when I used to eat right… then I got tired of doing dishes all of the time.
    Great info — not too extreme — as you say.
    Looks great, sounds great, and interesting. Nice site!

    Bon appetite!

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