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Party Season Game Plan December 9, 2008

frozen-rasp-120908It’s holiday party season and that means a time out from junk food bans, right?  All around us are filo dough appetizers, cheese dips and of course, cookies.

The thing is, either there are so many people crowded around the food that I can’t get to it, or I end up talking so much that I don’t get to eat, or if I do, I end up eating foods that stay with me like a hangover the next day.

Rather than take the chance of going hungry, or of filling up on foods that aren’t my favorites, anyway, I started making a point of eating BEFORE a party.

This can be a challenge, if headed straight from work.  What to do?  Here are a few snacks that have worked for me.

  • Frozen raspberry yogurt sundae. Grab a Glad or Ziploc container (about 1&3/4 cup large, or 14 oz.), add about 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries.  Sprinkle with a spoonful of sugar.  Add about a 1/2 cup of yogurt (any flavor).  Sprinkle with muesli, crumbled walnuts or slivered almonds, and a handful of dried cranberries or raisins.  Cover and take to work.  The raspberries will thaw slowly during the day; I don’t bother to put mine in the fridge.  If your office is particularly warm, you may want to refrigerate it, but I have never had any problems with it.   Eat just before you head to the party.
  • Almonds, apricots and chocolate. In a Ziploc bag, mix 1 cup of whole raw almonds, 1 cup of dried apricots, and 1 cup of wrapped Dove milk chocolates.  Yes, chocolates.  Combined with the almonds and apricots, the mix includes fast, medium and long-term energy.  It will keep you going.
  • Peanuts, raisins and M&Ms. Mix one cup of each, toss into a small plastic bag, and you’re set for work, the car, or a brief case.  By creating your own mix, you bypass the additives that come with candy bars and processed foods.  By carrying it in a Ziploc or your own container, the mix is likely to be better sealed than if store-bought.  Both the almond and this mix last a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

2 Responses to “Party Season Game Plan”

  1. juliedemboski Says:

    Hi! Your entire blog is absolutely brilliant–succinct, informative in the best way, imaginative, and practical. I love it–it joins my favorites!

  2. beansandyoga Says:

    Wow, thanks! I’m so glad you like it!

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