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Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate December 12, 2008

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santa-chocolates Milk chocolate keeps me going.  Dark chocolate is trendy right now, but it’s too sugary for me.

A lot of people think of chocolate as being off-limits.  But even nutritionists now say that there are health benefits to chocolate.

I keep Dove chocolates at my desk at work.  Around 10 a.m., the craving hits.  I’ll eat two or three.  Okay, more like four or five, and then I’m done.  Even if someone passes around a box of chocolates later in the day, I find I skip it.  For some reason, that one time per day is both essential – and all I need.


One Response to “Milk Chocolate vs. Dark Chocolate”

  1. Aello Says:

    Hi – Maybe what is referred to as ‘dark chocolate’ differs between countries, because I find the reverse true. I often enjoy a square (or sometimes two) of Lindt 70% cocoa. It is much richer in flavour so I tend to savour it more than milk chocolate which I now find sickly in excess. And dark chocolate is full of the same antioxidants as red wine which helps keep your cholesterol under control.

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