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Bikes: Get a Good Fit January 3, 2009

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mountain-bikeThis is a great time of year to start looking for bikes.  Fit makes a difference.  If your bike is too long, too heavy, you name it, you won’t enjoy it.  Riding a bike that doesn’t fit is a chore.  It leads to unnecessary soreness.

I have a Diamondback Topanga mountain bike.   I’ve had it at least twelve years.  It’s still in beautiful condition, although I’ve ridden it almost daily during the summer, since day one.


1. Find a bike shop you love.

2. Test ride several bikes.

3. Listen to your gut.

I went to a neighborhood bike shop, run by bicyclists who really understood the importance of having a bike that fits the rider’s size and riding preferences.  I must have taken 50 bikes for a test ride in the little cul de sac outside the store.  The sales guy didn’t flinch.  He was as into it as I was.  I could see that other customers were doing the same.

“Experts” advised me to get a “road bike.”  Logically, I understand why.  I mostly ride on pavement.  I wasn’t about to go log-jumping on mountain trails.  Nor was I aiming to race.  But just for fun I tried a mountain bike.  I loved it.  The fat tires give me a sense of security and stability.  They cushion the ride.  If I hit a bump, or a pothole, it’s not a big deal.  I have fat tires.

Sure, I lag behind other riders at times.  But that’s never mattered to me.  When I’m on the trail, I’m riding for the fresh air, the scenery, the sunshine.  Time is not an issue.  I have a route I take around a lake, and it takes me about 40 minutes – 40 minutes that I’ve dedicated to being outdoors, anyway.

The lightness of the bike, the fit, and the fat tires are what draw me back to the trail.  It’s truly been a joy to ride.  Don’t listen to what the “experts” say.  Listen to your heart.  It will guide you to the right bike.

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