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Saving Your Skin: Humidity January 22, 2009

Filed under: Saving Your Skin — beansandyoga @ 11:42 am

humidity1 Not everyone lives in a cold climate, but if you do, I recommend a humidifier.  Years of dry skin, dry eyes, congestion and misery went by before I found this solution.  I’d tried bath oils, moisturizers, anything to help ward off the dryness of winter.  The humidifier worked.

Humidifiers come with a lot of cautions.  Beware that if not used properly, they can cause mold.  My humidifier needs to be re-filled with water at least twice a day.  (I don’t mind.)

It’s made a difference.  Now I can breath.  My skin used to break out during the winter.  Now, it doesn’t.  It even makes the house feel warmer.


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