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What I’m Eating Now – Borscht February 22, 2009

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borscht2A fresh coating of snow outside was inspiring in November.  Now, I long for color.  The temp has dropped.  No sign of a thaw in sight.  This is the moment for which I have prepared.  I open my freezer.  I remove a precious container.  Inside is a home-made batch of borscht.

Back in October, when beets, potatoes and dill were in season, I went to the farmers’ market with my annual list.  Based on my grandma’s recipe, which was never really set in stone, I set forth to gather the finest, freshest makings of this fuschia soup.

I make a gigantic batch.  Two of the biggest pots I can find bubble simultaneously on the stove.  I let it cook for hours.  I and my family have a feast, and the rest goes into the freezer.  This is my gift from my October self to my February self.  A brightness of reddish pink, against the monotone of the snow.  A “practically jump right into you” boost of flavor and nutrition.  It warms the soul.


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