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One of My Favorites: Breadsmith Bread February 26, 2009

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I am crazy about Breadsmith bread.  Ever since a Breadsmith bakery first moved into my neighborhood, about nine years ago, I’ve shunned all other brands.  This says a lot, because I have to go to a Breadsmith bakery to get it.  I can’t just pick it up at the grocery store.

They have an array of flavors including French Peasant, baguettes, garlic onion bread, and sweet breads.  My favorite, the one I bring home every time, is the honey wheat loaf.  I usually get a beautiful crusty round loaf of sour dough, too.

I’ll have a few slices, fresh, the day I bring it home.  Then into the freezer it goes.  It toasts, perfectly.

It’s not in every state, sorry!  But if you ever see one, don’t hesitate.  It is wonderful, and they always have slices of freshly baked bread to taste if you come in.  Yum.


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