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Moroccan Coconut & Chickpea Soup March 2, 2009

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photo_030109_002My favorite form of online entertainment is to peruse food blogs.  I stumbled across one called, “Karina’s Kitchen,” several weeks ago.  A recipe for Moroccan coconut and chickpea soup has been safely posted in my bookmarks ever since.

A mixture of coconut milk, peppers, Granny Smith apples, lime, curry and cinnamon, it is bubbling on the stove as I write.  Click through from the links above for the recipe.  Here are a few tips.

Curry powder: I love Penzey’s Maharajah curry powder.

Chickpeas: Last week, I realized I had a cup or so sitting on my shelf.  I threw them into a bowl, let them soak overnight, and while I was reading the paper and having coffee on a Sunday, I let them boil merrily on the stove.  When they were soft, into the freezer they went, with a bit of broth to keep them insulated.

This might seem like an intimidating recipe, but don’t be afraid to use a red pepper in place of the yellow one.  I did not have the wherewithall to get the exact same type of canned tomatoes suggested in the recipe, but a stew like this, I’ve found, tends to be forgiving.

If you are a meat person, chunks of cooked chicken would add nicely to the stew.

Footnote:  Whew!  This soup was just what I needed!  I’ve gone through three bowls already.

One last tip: I added salt a bit at a time, tasting as I went.  I ended up adding A LOT of salt!  Don’t be discouraged if the soup seems a tiny bit flat at first.  Just keep adding a little salt at a time, or perhaps more lime juice.  Once you hit the flavor zone, the soup is divine.


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