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Good Eggs March 20, 2009

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easter-eggsScramble them, beat them, boil them, paint them.  Good eggs come from happy chickens, and that means free-range.

Why does it make a difference?  Try a taste test.  The difference may be subtle, but it’s there.  Eggs from free-range chickens taste fresher.  Other eggs have a taste of….distress?  For me, it’s a chemical after-taste.  It’s hard to distinguish and yet I notice it.

I noticed it long ago in restaurant chicken.  Chicken used to be one of my favorite foods.  My grandmother would make fried chicken, roasted chicken, and the accompanying leftover sandwiches and casseroles.

At some point, about a decade ago, perhaps longer, I stopped liking chicken.  But then I realized, it wasn’t that I didn’t like chicken, it was that something in restaurant chicken had a taste of…..chemicals.  Or maybe it was the way my stomach reacted to it.  It’s hard to describe.  All I can say is that I had a sensation of having eaten “stress.”

Free-range chicken, however, goes down just fine. Once I realized this, I considered eggs, as well.  I recently went through a  dozen regular eggs.  Then I switched back to free-range.  The free-range eggs taste fresher.  The others had that same after-taste of “stress.”

If you think about it, if an animal is under stress, that will release hormones into its system.  People are the same.  When we are under stress, we feel a sort of chemical imbalance.  (Unless we’ve become so accustomed to stress that we no longer notice it.)  If an animal is under stress, wouldn’t it have a higher presence of stress related hormones or chemicals in its meat?  And wouldn’t that also be present in eggs?  I am no scientist.  All I know is what I taste and feel.  Free-range eggs taste better to me.  I feel healthier when I eat them.


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