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What I’m Eating Now – Tomato Soup + O-Shaped Pasta March 27, 2009

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Fighting a cold, the lingering of frosty weather, and icy rain, I am finding comfort in tomato soup this week.  I bought a 32-ounce tetra pack of Trader Joe’s soup, from which I poured one microwavable serving at a time, storing the rest in the fridge.

Trader Joe’s O-shaped pasta brought back images of childhood spaghettios, so I boiled water, cooked a batch that was large enough for a few days, and added the pasta to my soup as I went.

Other additions?  Frozen peas, today.  A little dill on another day.  A melted cheese quesadilla made the perfect accompaniment on yet another day.  Yes, when soup is this satisfying I really DO want to eat it all the time.  At least for a while.


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