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Summer bounty July 25, 2009

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Cantaloupe 7_09An easy way to take advantage of fresh produce at the farmer’s market is to bring it home and pop it into the freezer.

The biggest cantaloupes I’d ever seen were on sale two for one today.  I brought them home, cut them into slices, and discarded the rind and seeds.  Into a Ziploc bag they went, and now they’re ready when I am.

They thaw just fine.  Either freeze the slices in small bags that you can transfer to the fridge one at a time, or just pop a slice into the microwave for 10-20 seconds to defrost it when you like.

It’s good sliced into yogurt (I prefer plain yogurt drizzled with honey), or you can blend it with berries into a smoothie.  Either way, ‘may as well take advantage of low prices when you see ’em!


2 Responses to “Summer bounty”

  1. Raquel Says:

    Hello! Just found your site and like it! looking forward to exploring more!

  2. beansandyoga Says:

    Thanks, Raquel!

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