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A Word About Bacon September 7, 2009

Filed under: Easy food prep — beansandyoga @ 8:41 pm

BaconTrue confession: bacon is one of my favorite foods.  Here’s the thing.  If you eat healthful food 90 percent of the time, there is plenty of space left for savory indulgences.

Bacon is chock-full of flavor.  A little goes a long way.  If you drain the grease from it, chop it, and add it to an omelete, pasta, salad, or sandwich, you’re probably not getting THAT much fat.

GOOD bacon probably has fewer additives than a fast food burger.   Therein lies one of the keys to bacon.  Go for the best, most lovingly made bacon you can find.  If it’s a little more expensive, don’t worry.  It’s worth it.  There’s probably less fat.  Cheaper grades melt away to tasteless slabs.  The good ones maintain their thickness.  I like to get it from a local food coop that caters to small farms.

Much as I love bacon, I rarely cook it.  This week, I couldn’t help myself.  Fresh tomatoes and lettuce cried out to be made into a BLT.  Pasta, zucchini, green pepper and onion cried out for the chewy saltiness of bacon bits.

The downside to bacon is that it’s hard to go through a pack before it spoils. (At least, it’s hard for me!)  I’ve resorted to opening the package as soon as I bring it home, and re-packaging it two strips at a time.  I put each two-piece pack into a Ziplock bag, or wrap it in saran wrap, and store the packs all together in one larger Ziploc bag.  That way, I can quickly grab exactly the amount I need.  The rest stays safely tucked away inside the freezer.


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