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A Lesser Evil? May 5, 2010

Warning: highly addictive food ahead.  Unable to locate nutritional benefits; not even via Google.  The culprit? Sweet, chocolaty Nutella.

Here’s how I look at it.  I’m a dessert person.  I LOVE desserts.  And in the world of desserts, this is probably one of the more innocent choices.  Is it less bad for you than chocolate cake? Oreos? Ice cream? The truth is, I really don’t know.  I just know that I love Nutella, and that desserts are an everyday part of my life.  I am still a size 2.  No health issues, aside from an allergy or two, that I know of.

So, let me put it this way: a schmear of Nutella on a Trader Joe’s rice cake, topped with bananas, is AMAZING.  Crunchy.  Filling.  Sweet, salty and the freshness of bananas.  Just have one, for goodness sake!  Maybe the beauty of this is that one is pretty satisfying.  And in the greater scheme of things, having a filling, satisfying dessert that involves healthful bananas…  There are worse things a person could do.. !


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