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Afternoon Energy Boost August 12, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — beansandyoga @ 7:21 pm

I love an afternoon snack of Clementine oranges and Babybel Gouda cheese.  Eaten together, the oranges give you a refreshing burst and the cheese provides a protein boost.

Both can be bought in amounts that will last about a week at a time or longer.  Both can be easily tossed into a lunch bag at the last minute, and I confess, I keep my snacks at my desk.  Usually, however, I do have a container of either frozen soup (to be heated at lunch) or a mix of berries and yogurt frozen into a single serving container.  That is all the cooling needed for this snack.  When that mid-afternoon slog hits, I reach for these and perk right up.


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