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Know Thyself September 6, 2010

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I am reading Andre Agassi’s biography, “Open.” I love this quote from Agassi’s trainer:

“To know what your body wants, to understand what it needs and what it doesn’t, you need to be part engineer, part mathematician, part artist, part mystic.”

In reference to years of misguided training efforts before meeting Gil, the trainer quoted above, Gil says,” There’s a difference between a plow horse and a race horse.  You don’t treat them the same.  You hear all this talk about treating people equally, and I’m not sure equal means the same.”

I think that what he’s getting at is that each person has unique gifts that deserve to be developed.  It serves no one to treat a plow horse like a race horse and vice versa.  So as you take in information about how you want to eat, work out, etc., keep in mind your own personal goals, challenges, and chemistry.  Try new things, then take note of what works for you.  In fact, this is exactly what Gil the trainer does for Agassi, helping him break-through in his performance to finally win Wimbledon.