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Follow the Nutrients February 15, 2011

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When you crave something, have you ever thought that maybe it’s the nutrients in that food that you’re craving? Sometimes, if you stop and think about what nutrients ARE in the foods you’re craving, you can then start to look for super healthy foods that have the same nutrients.  For instance, if you crave a hamburger, maybe your body is telling you it needs more iron.  But if you don’t want the fat associated with a burger, perhaps you could have a big spinach salad.  This week, I’m amused to find I’m craving spinach, mushrooms and eggs.  Is it because I’ve been indoors so much? Do I need more vitamin D (eggs)?  Do I need more potassium (mushrooms)?

So I brought home a bag of baby spinach salad, a package of sliced mushrooms and a dozen eggs.  As soon as I got home, I made a dish of pasta covered in sauteed mushrooms, garlic and onions, added to canned tomatoes.  The spinach was added during the last moment of cooking; just enough to wilt it ever so slightly.  Delicious!

The next day I made a fresh salad of spinach, raw mushrooms, chunks of thawed mango from a Trader Joe’s frozen pack, sliced almonds and dried cranberries.  Topped with a boiled egg, I was in heaven.  A salad like this is wonderful with a poppy seed dressing, blue cheese, or an Asian ginger/sesame blend.

It just so happened that there was enough of each to last at least another day, so the next dish was an omelet of sauteed mushrooms, and lightly sauteed spinach.  Each meal less than 15 minutes, except for the actual boiling of the pasta.  (More like 20 minutes; not too bad.)


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