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The Perfect Snack May 22, 2009

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Baguette 052209I can tell time by my stomach.  I can tell if two hours have gone by since my last meal.  Oh yes, my appetite lets me know.  That means that I eat a lot of snacks between meals.  I have to.  If I don’t, my energy ebbs.  I wilt like a plant in the sun.

Today, I wanted something mild to contrast with a cannelini (white bean) dish I’d made with bacon, onion and balsamic vinegar.  It seemed to be calling for a French baguette.  To that, I added slices of brie cheese, and the only fruit I had on hand, an orange.

Oh, so satisfying!

I don’t normally eat white bread.  But I’ve found that since I’ve switched to whole grains, a trace of bread, pasta or popcorn seems okay.  In fact, a small serving per day seems to balance out my diet.  I would not, however, return to eating white bread or refined carbs as a staple.

I figured that if I couldn’t eat the entire baguette, I’d freeze it and use it in bread pudding later.  The sweet yet tart flavor of the orange slices added a sparkle to the milder flavors of the bread and cheese.  I simply laid out slices of the orange, cheese and bread on a plate and nibbled until I felt refreshed.