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Ice Cream May 5, 2009

ice-cream One of my all-time favorite foods is ice cream.  Interestingly, since I’ve been eating more pinto beans, black beans and so on, my cravings for ice cream have decreased.  But it’s still a treat.  I’ll always love it.

I encourage you to eat the real thing.  Don’t go for low-fat.  Skip anything with artificial ingredients.  Ice cream is meant to be eaten in its original form.  Go for home-made with real cream.  Don’t worry about the fat content.  What happens is that when you eat real, “original fat” ice cream, you fill up more quickly, and therefore eat less.  It’s more satisfying, so it doesn’t leave you wishing for more. (I made up the term, “original fat.”)

My favorite brands are by two local makers.  Who makes the best home-made ice cream in your town?

Favorite Ice Cream Brands

1.  Tied: Sebastian Joe’s and Sonny’s.

(Local to Minneapolis)

2.  Whole Foods’ 365 house brand.

This is a great little secret.  Twice as much for about the same price as a pint of other brands.

3.  Ben & Jerry’s.